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"I'm convinced that any topic, no matter how complex, can be explained with an illustration. In my work I look for opportunities that allow me to prove this claim."

WHY • You want to communicate something in a way that will engage your audience and be remembered.

WHAT • Whether you are preparing a presentation, a promotional campaign, or writing a book, the information design and symbolism in a functional illustration can help you get your message across.

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functional process

HOW • In close collaboration we uncover the visual essence of your story, test it with your target audience, and translate this into a visual tool you'll be happy to use for years to come.

"Extremely pleasant to work with"

"Smooth collaboration"

"A very professional experience"

In editorial illustration the ideation phase is crucial. To come up with great concepts and smooth out the collaboration, I ask critical questions during the briefing and provide options at each step. I always validate an idea before continuing with it, and aim for easy to read images that are beautiful, fun and smart.

I have a special interest in illustrating technical and scientific topics, as well as subjects about psychology and the mind.

Looking for an illustration? Please contact me through or one of the social networks below. Thank you!

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Graphic journalism is a way for me to make sense of social phenomena, and present my findings to the reader in a uniquely accessible and compelling way. Most of the methods involved stem from my training as an anthropologist, such as fieldwork and (desk) research, conducting interviews and data analysis.

I have done both visual essays (based on literature research) and graphic journalism (based on fieldwork). While my stories are always grounded in reality, I like to tell them from a personal perspective that gives readers something to agree or disagree with, to help them figure out their own perspective.

In a time of 'fake news' and a fiercely competitive economy of attention, alternative forms of journalism like this are both refreshing and necessary in order to cut through the noise and reach today's audience.

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My personal work is a place to experiment, sometimes involving related fields like design and architecture. I enjoy exploring new media ranging from ink and paper, to wood and fabrics.

In recent years my interest has shifted from illustration to bigger, physical objects with a practical or decorative function, such as furniture, (interior) design, and architecture.

High quality prints and sometimes originals of my personal work can be found through my shop.

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Mei-Li Nieuwland (鄭美麗)

I am a Dutch illustrator based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

My passion is to create images that are both “good to see” and “good to think”: to translate great ideas into visuals that are aesthetic and meaningful.

I am a self-taught artist with an academic background in artificial intelligence and cultural anthropology. I still rely on the fieldwork methods and analytical thinking cultivated there when illustrating complex concepts. I aim to translate these into accessible, visual stories that anyone can understand.

Topics of special interest include: science and technology, the relation between man and machine, privacy, protest, and work in the age of automation.

I work with a mix of digital and traditional media, using a Wacom tablet and sometimes integrating textures made with ink.

When I am not drawing I like to practice recurve archery and learn new languages.





During Mental health Awareness week the University of Amsterdam launched an infographic we created to promote the university’s support services to students. Together we made it easier for students to find their way to student psychologists, confidential advisors, and sports facilities (among many others). Check out the project here, and find the project page on the UvA website.



I published my first book! “Destination: Canada” (Scratch, 2022) tells ten different stories about moving from The Netherlands to Canada, as envisioned by ten different artists. I was honored to be one of them, sitting alongside a cast of some real Dutch illustration legends. Available in Dutch and English through Scratch, or wherever you buy your comics in the Netherlands.



The graphic journalism platform Drawing The Times launched the comic special “VIRAL”. I contributed a partially motion graphic story on synthetic virology. Read the story or learn more about the project.


I am currently available for new freelance projects. Let’s work together!

Interested but not sure where to start? No worries, I would love to think along. Drop me an email at: