18 July 2022

- Stichting Buurthuis Mandelaplein

Transvaal Community Center

Visually assisting in a reorganisation

Transvaal Den Haag community center transition banner image

About the project

Two community centres in the Transvaal neighborhood of The Hague, The Netherlands, joined forces and sought guidance in the reorganisation process. They got Annejet Gosselink of creative consultancy firm YEDS for the job, who then asked me to join in to provide visual support.

The entire trajectory lasted about 3 months for me and included the design and execution of several interactive workshops, a final poster to reflect the insights and progress we made, and some illustrations for promotional purposes.

transvaal kickoff notes designing first session
Notes from discussing the design of the first session and following trajectory.
transvaal neighborhood map
transvaal neighborhood map
transvaal neighborhood map preparing session
We built up a map of the community centers' neighborhood with input from the people working there.
transvaal workshop using thematic chips
We made thematic 'chips' for all the activities the center engages in and asked them to lay them out on the map to see what happens where, and where the blind spots are.
transvaal workshop with community center employees transvaal workshop with community center employees
Visual design thinking to fill in the map with community center employees during one of the workshops.
transvaal workshop live drawings
Small live drawings capturing some of the topics discussed during the workshops.
transvaal workshop dot voting
transvaal workshop dot vote results
transvaal workshop dot vote results
Employees dot-voted on the most important themes to include in the final poster. Some clear priorities emerged.
transvaal flyer promotion transvaal flyer promotion
Illustrations for a flyer promoting the reorganisation. Stakeholders from in and around the neighborhood were invited to join in the process.
transvaal final poster
The final poster, reflecting the employees' vision of and for the neighborhood and how they might accomplish it working together as one organisation from here on out.
transvaal final session presentation
Final presentations after the last workshop, which included many different stakeholders active in the neighborhood.

This was a lovely project, thanks to the lovely people involved! Thank you to Annejet Gosselink and YEDS for the wonderful collaboration, and to everyone at Mandelaplein and Bario for having us!

transvaal flyer promotion