13 March 2018

Chinese ink paintings (collection)

Exploring Chinese traditional ink painting

Chinese ink experiments

About the project

In 2017 I began experimenting with traditional Chinese brushes and ink. Initially the goal was to create textures I could integrate into my digital work. But I enjoyed the whole process of making the ink and the feeling of the materials so much that I wanted to learn more about the techniques used in the classic Chinese ink paintings.

Chinese ink tea mountains

Tea mountains

Painted while talking with a friend, just letting the conversation flow while building up the landscape intuitively. Made with chinese ink diluted in the tea we were having.

Chinese ink bird and flowers

Small bird hiding in flowers

Painted early morning on a visit to my parents. The materials for these types of paintings are surprisingly portable. I tend to use only one size brush per painting.

Chinese ink cat


Several cat studies, trying to understand which shapes correspond to which brush techniques. The first one is a study of a painting by the painter Liu Jiyou.

Chinese ink cat
Chinese ink cat

Mixed media

Incorporating these brush strokes into digital work is something I'm constantly exploring

Mixed media personal work Bonsai tree
Mixed media personal work Bonsai tree
Mixed media personal work Bonsai tree
Bonsai (personal work)