26 June 2019

No Roots (series)

Ink, graphite and digital

No Roots illustration series banner

"No Roots" is a series of five illustrations on where we come from and where we're going in the relationships we form (and break), told through key moments in the life of a tree. The jumping-off point for this was a line from the 2004 Faithless album and title song No Roots: "No roots, no tree, no family, no me".

A big big thanks to the wonderful Anna Raff and my colleagues at the SVA Summer Illustration Residency for their guidance and feedback.

No Roots illustration series title

Although the series was made in the order you see below, they can be read in any order and direction and were displayed in a circular setup to show that these life phases and experiences aren't necessarily linear.

No Roots illustration series Roots ancestry
Roots: Ancestry, heritage, the past, wisdom, experience over generations, stories.

No Roots illustration series Leaves growth
Leaves: Growing, developing, prospering, learning in a safe and nurturing environment.

No Roots illustration series Storm adversity
Storm: Adversity, intense ups and downs, fiery emotions, hard-learned lessons.

No Roots illustration series Bloom flourishing
Bloom: Harmony, time to reflect, to be in tune, flourishing, collaboration.

No Roots illustration series Seed offspring
Seed: New life, unfold, passing on, the future, lineage.

Open Studio exposition

The series was my main focus during our Open Studio at the end of the SVA Summer Illustration Residency. Thanks to everyone who came out!

No Roots illustration series open studio exposition photo
No Roots illustration series open studio exposition photo
Mei-Li Nieuwland SVA illustration residency photo
Mei-Li Nieuwland SVA illustration residency photo