8 January 2018


World building project

Lonomo progress
Process gif showing the step-by-step filling in of this world

About the project

The legend of Long Mu (龍母) is an old Chinese story about filial piety featuring a girl of little means who manages to raise five dragons, who end up taking care of her until she dies. The legend inspired me to craft Lonomo, a story set in an alternative imperial China, where dragons, people, and other creatures keep a spiritual balance through elemental science.

Lonomo house
Lonomo house
First house: a home in the center of the valley where the main character lives

I began working on this story by literally building its world bit by bit, starting with an isometric grid map of the main characters' dwellings.

Lonomo fortress
Lonomo fortress
The fortress: a secluded high-tech hideout where a myserious hermit is rumored to live
Lonomo fortress

Additional information is added along the way, such as the thoughts below on how different elemental types of dragons would relate to their surroundings, and how a dragon biologist might go about learning about them.

Lonomo dragon hatchling Lonomo dragon eggs
Notes on elemental dragon biology

This is a passion project that I will slowely be adding to in the future. My hope is that I will one day be able to turn it into a comic or small game that will allow players to discover and enjoy this world at their own pace.