17 January 2019

- Dus Wat Gaan Wij Doen? & Vrij Nederland

Crashcourse Sustainability

A series of short comics about climate action

Dus Wat Gaan Wij Doen banner
"It's too late... We destroyed everything... Nothing I do matters..." -- "That's not necesarily true!"

About the project

The sustainability initiative "Dus Wat Gaan Wij Doen?" ("So What Are We Going To Do?") and Vrij Nederland asked me to create a series of comics as part of their campaign to positively inspire young people to tackle climate change in their daily lives. Each 2-page comic follows a ~25 minute podcast from a series by Inge Janse, in which different experts weigh in on the subject, offering practical advice and insight.

DWGWD Polar Bear

This "Crashcourse Sustainability" covers 7 steps towards becoming a true sustainability hero, but they can be read and listened to in any order. The production appeared on Vrij Nederland on January 17th 2019 and included the podcast, comics, and a quiz to give readers a starting point in the series.

DWGWD Vrij Nederland publicatie
Publication on Vrij Nederland

Check out the entire publication on www.vn.nl/spoedcursus, or scroll down below for the comics (Dutch). To read more about the podcast series and the making of this transmedial form of journalism, I recommend this article on De Nieuwe Reporter by Inge Janse and Ties Joosten (Dutch).


The "Dus Wat Gaan Wij Doen?" campaign eventually also included a documentary series by KRCO-NCRV/Brandpunt+, articles, and the highlight: a festival on February 9th that sold out. Kicking it all off was the spoken word below by Sticks (Opgezwolle), whose lyrics initially inspired the name of the campaign.

Strip poster op festival
Strip poster op festival
The comics as posters displayed during the festival at BlueCity010, Rotterdam.

Suffice to say I am very proud and happy to have been a small part of this, and hope to find more projects with the same level of honesty, optimism and impact in the future. Big thanks to Ties Joosten, Inge Janse and Guido van Lier for the wonderful collaboration.

Step 1: Taming the despair (Tem de wanhoop )

With Sarah Gagestein (linguist) & Robin van der Ploeg (geologist)
Comic step 1.1
Comic step 1.2

Step 2+3: Focus your behavior (Focus je gedrag)

With Madelon van Hemel & Finn Smeets (both behavior psychologists)
Comic step 2.1
Comic step 2.2

Step 4: Work on change (Werk aan verandering)

With Annick Schmeddes (sustainable career coach) & Brigitte Vlaswinkel (marine geologist and career switcher)
Comic step 4.1
Comic step 4.2

Step 5: Embrace thy enemy (Omarm je vijand)

With Mark van Baal (sustainable lobbyist and founder of Follow This) & Eric Rutten (CEO Aegon Bank)
Comic step 5.1
Comic step 5.2

Step 6: Share the love (Deel de liefde)

With Babette Porcellijn (author) & Jeanine Pothuizen (environmental psychologist)
Comic step 6.1
Comic step 6.2

Step 7: Living activism (Leef dat activisme)

With Jessie Kroon (zero-waste lifestyle influencer and author)
Comic step 7.1