27 November 2019

- live|work studio

Employee experience roundtable

Live visualisation

live|work studio roundtable employee experience

About the project

Service design studio live|work organized a 'roundtable' evening by and for their network to share and learn about improving employee experience. I was invited to create a live visualisation of the event, which included two presentations and a small workshop afterwards. Thanks to live|work studio for the great photos!

livework studio Rotterdam roundtable taking notes
Taking notes while listening to the first presentation.
livework studio Rotterdam roundtable drawing
Drawing out the first presentation while simultaneously listening to and taking notes of the second presentation.
livework studio Rotterdam roundtable presenting
At the end of the event I walked the group through the poster as a recap of the evening.
livework studio Rotterdam roundtable presenting
Participants enjoyed hearing some of their own key quotes back, this time accompanied by an image.
livework studio roundtable employee experience final poster

The final result was cleaned up digitally and sent to the participants of the evening as a memory and thank you. The original poster stayed on the glass wall in live|work's office, and last thing I heard it's still there!

Big thanks to Rosa Storm for the invitation and great collaboration.