21 March 2021

- ECP / Commit2Data

The value of data

Visualizing the data economy of the future

ECP value of big data economy poster

About the project

Commit2Data is a research and innovation program working to stimulate the use of (big) data in public-private partnerships in the Netherlands.

In collaboration with TNO and Innovalor, I was asked to help visualize the key parts of a major white paper they were writing on the future of big data. It focused on four developing trends in data use and organization, providing companies and government with ideas on how they could use data to add value to both business and society at large.

Big Data white paper visualisation kickoff
Results of our first digital meeting. The four clients present were extremely knowledgeable and to the point, so we managed to get a first sketch down for all four key themes within two hours.
Big Data white paper visualisation layout options
Discussing different layout options; how to organize the information on the page. The client chose option A.
Big Data white paper visualisation first sketch
First sketch of the poster, filling in the information collected during the first meeting.
Big Data white paper visualisation feedback
We did a thorough feedback round to make sure the information on the page was correct and complete.
Big Data white paper visualisation values
Reworked version, with proposed contrast in black & white values so the client can get a sense of the final reading of the image.
Big Data white paper visualisation color options
Rough color options. The client went with option B.

A world in movement

The center of the poster shows an exciting world in which data sharing brings helpful innovation to companies, consumers, and society. To the four corners of this field, we delve deeper into the four trends that will mobilize the data economy.

Big Data white paper visualisation center
An exciting future emerges when data is shared.

Everything Connected

By sharing data not just within the domains they are collected in, but outside of them in related fields as well, new business models and innovative solutions emerge.

Big Data white paper visualisation theme everything connected
The same data could be used in different ways by different entities.

European Values

Instead of letting the market (US) or the state (China) decide what happens with our data, a European approach could distinguish itself by putting the individual in charge. They choose who uses their data and for what purposes.

Big Data white paper visualisation theme European values
The individual decides who uses her data.


It is likely that future consumers, governments, and supply chain partners will demand higher levels of transparency when it comes to the origin, sustainability, or labor circumstances behind their products. Offering insight into these aspects could enable better supervision and stimulate more ethical practices.

Big Data white paper visualisation theme Transparency
Insight into a product's background could help stimulate more ethical practices.

Value from Data

By connecting different data sources and looking at the big picture, predictions could be made in a variety of areas, from required maintenance to medical red flags, to catch problems before they arise. The result for the individual could be more peace of mind and higher quality, personalized service.

Big Data white paper visualisation theme Transparency


The poster was used to promote the white paper in several places online. The final publication ended up receiving some extra illustrative work to accompany the texts. Thanks to Frank Westenberg from BrandNewSomething for the beautiful layout and design of the text. Click below to view the white paper:

>> Publication - The value of data

Big Data white paper visualisation publication cover Big Data white paper visualisation publication page
Illustrated excerpt pages from the white paper's publication.
Big Data white paper visualisation publication cover

This was another dream assignment to work on, thanks to the knowledgeable, kind and enthusiastic client and different experts involved! Many thanks to ECP and Commit2Data for the continued trust and fun collaboration.

For more information on ECP and Commit2Data, visit ECP.nl and Commit2Data.nl.