12 December 2017

Conceptual work

Personal thoughts and reflections


Sometimes I like to put certain thoughts or feelings that may be hard to articulate into conceptual art. These are quite personal, but still attract responses from others who tell me an image resonated with them, too. It's an amazing feeling when something so personal can still be shared with others through an image.

Procedural heartbreak

Procedural Heartbreak

A procedurally generated puzzle that's different every time, but follows the same logic. Even if you solve it, it will never return to its initial state again.

Boxed-in Woman

Boxed-in Woman

A profile image for "Women Who Draw", a large directory of female illustrators around the world. The image had to portray a single woman on a white background, within certain dimensions. Although the thousands of illustrators interpreting this in their own way have created a fantastic diversity of images, I still found it ironic that all these drawn women still existed within the stated confines. In my entry, a somewhat wild-looking woman is pushing out of her box.

Go Ham or Go Home

Go HAM or Go Home

Social commentary on empty corporate careers. 'Going HAM' stands for going "Hard As a Motherfucker".

Daruma wishful thinking

Wishful thinking

I always felt ambivalent about the end-of-year burning of the Japanese daruma dolls who helped their owners' wishes to come true.



About the cycles in life we go through to learn and grow. Sometimes we meet someone at a serendipitous time when our individual cycles are aligned. But more often the timing will be off just a notch, and the encounter will go by in passing. Drawn with one of my favorite short stories in mind, by Haruki Murakami: On Seeing The 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning.