1 January 2018

Chinese Zodiac (collection)

Yearly illustrations for the 12 animal deities

Throughout the years I developed a special interest in the Chinese zodiac ring and theory of five elements (五行). Below: personal birthyear animals (earth dragon, metal ram/sheep).

Chinese zodiac dragon
Personal birth year: Earth Dragon
Chinese zodiac ram
Personal birth year: Metal ram

In 2013 I started making yearly illustrations for the Lunar new year, pairing the appropriate animals and elements. Taken together they also show some of the stylistic changes my work has gone through over the last few years.

Chinese year of the snake
Water Snake 2013 (here I didn't do anything with the elements yet)
Chinese year of the horse
Wood Horse 2014
Chinese year of the sheep
Wood Sheep 2015
Chinese year of the monkey
Fire Monkey 2016
Chinese year of the rooster
Fire Rooster 2017
Chinese year of the dog
Earth Dog 2018
Chinese year of the pig
Earth Pig 2019
Chinese year of the metal rat
Metal Rat 2020, an homage to New York City in what would become the year of the pandemic.