26 February 2017

Tekenen voor de Toekomst

Platform for politically personal cartoons

Tekenen voor de Toekomst banner

About the project

In early 2017 I created a short comic named "Vote to Win!". It sprang out of a motivation to make a positive impact on the Dutch parlementary elections of March 15, 2017 by stimulating especially young people to come out and vote. Five other artists joined the cause and also made a comic with their personal call-to-vote.

The platform 'Tekenen voor de toekomst' was created to host this small comics-campaign. A total of six comics were uploaded and promoted one-by-one in the days leading up to election day. The Dutch title of the platform translates to both 'Drawing for the future' and 'Signs of the future'.

Tekenen voor de Toekomst

Big thanks to all the contributing artists: Merel Barends, Roxane van Beek, Vera van Groos, Aimée de Jongh, and Masha Pikulina. Also a huge thanks to Taddeüs Kroes for helping to get the site up and running fast. See the excerpts below to get a sense of the variety of the works, or read the full comics (in Dutch) on www.tekenenvoordetoekomst.nl.

Future plans

Comics are a fantastic way to make certain topics more accessible and engaging. A series showing different perspectives on a single subject, such as the motivation to vote in an election, can also help a reader to engage in discussions and sharpen their own opinion.

I have plans for a second round, which will concern climate change and how to relate to this gigantic and imminent threat as a single individual.