6 November 2018

- Twynstra Gudde

Utilities Summit 2018

Roadmap visualisation

Utilities Summit YPN Wake Up Call

About the project

As part of the Cordence World Wide Young Professional Network (YPN), Twynstra Gudde asked me to provide live visual support for their roadmap challenge at the Utilities Summit 2018.

Utilities Summit YPN Wake Up Call final poster

Over the course of a few days, an international group of YPN consultants mapped out different scenarios for what the utility sector might look like in 2050. A'backcasting' method was then used to determine what kinds of challenges utility companies would face on the road towards each scenario. I captured their findings live in a poster that was presented at the end of the summit as a summary of their findings.

Utilities Summit YPN scenario power to the people
Power to the people: a scenario in which consumers become self-sufficient energy- and water-producers as well, connecting to each other in a decentralised grid.
Utilities Summit YPN scenario google energy
Google Energy: in this scenario internet giants like Google extend their services to the utilities sector, providing energy for 'free' in return for data. Supply and demand is predicted and managed by analyzing big data.
Utilities Summit YPN scenario climate change explodes
Climate change explodes: a grim scenario in which global temperatures rise above +4°C. Cities become overpopulated hubs in which utilities are scarce and unreliable.
Utilities Summit YPN Wake Up Call final poster

After drawing out the roadmap elements with the group, the poster was scanned and digitally cleaned up the same day to be presented the morning after. It was later used online in a blog write-up of the summit. Thanks to Charlotte Koot and Hanke Nijman for the project!