7 March 2019

Mock editorial illustrations

Practice in visualising concepts

A collection of illustrations to practice visualising a single idea or concept. Most of these were based on news articles I came across and liked.

Google paygap study
On Google's wage equity study: paying equally for equal positions does not ensure true equity if gender bias causes employees with similar qualifications to be assigned different initial pay grades. 04-03-2019 in the New York Times
Cleaning up
Overwhelmed by stuff: helping someone else "Marie Kondo" their house.
Stroke paralysis
Paralysis: the frightening experience of having half the lights go out after a stroke.

NASA 60th anniversary

A tribute to some of NASA's most recognizable creations still in service today, after the agency celebrated its 60th birthday. In space, no one can hear them *toot* their party whistles, but we know they're there, doing incredible work together with their human team on the ground.

Nasa 60 anniversary ISS
The International Space Station: the habitable sattelite and research unit orbiting the Earth. Through international efforts, it received a lot of upgrades over the years.
Nasa 60 anniversary New Horizon
New Horizons: the brave probe who traveled for nine years through space to reach Pluto and send us pictures of it. Thanks to this one, we now know Pluto has a heart shaped spot (and what its atmosphere and surface are like, how solar winds work, how the universe came to be etc etc.)
Nasa 60 anniversary curiosity
Curiosity: the Wall-e'esque rover studying the environment of Mars right now, so we may one day be able to explore it in person.

ArsTechnica: Talking to Google Duplex

About how Google's new AI system Duplex is succeeding in autonomously making restaurant reservations by synthesizing decades of research, from Google Maps to natural language processing, to Deepmind's accomplishments in audio generation (WaveNet). For now, it functions with a callcenter of humans as a backup in case it gets stuck. 27-06-2018 on Arstechnica.

Body metrics
Body metric extravaganza: about the maddening amount of bodily and nutritional metrics you can track, and how it might actually be killing helpful gut microbes.25-04-2018 on U.S.News
Microbial warfare: about the working of antibiotics, which, if not used properly or too much can become a training ground for resistant superbacteria through evolutionary pressure. New antibiotics are hard to come by, but a promising new one ominously called 'Malacidins' was recently discovered in the USA in dirt (of all places). 13-02-2018 on BBC health
Stonewall gay pride month
Pride month and the Stonewall Protests: building pride brick by brick since 1969