24 June 2016

- Stew Magazine


Short story about a viral app gone wrong

Mindworm story
Full magazine spread for "Mindworm"

About the project

Mindworm is a haunting little story by Nick Cross about a viral app gone terribly wrong. It was originally commissioned by Stew Magazine, aimed at "inquisitive young minds aged 8 to 12", yet it never went to print as the magazine ceased publication before it could. Nick and I agreed the story was too good to leave unseen, and decided to finish the piece together and share it online for free. To download a high resolution pdf of the spread, head over to Nick's homepage.


The finished illustration features an army of zombies who seem to have literally lost their minds to the mysterious app on their phones. Other explored concepts included the mindworm infecting its host, and showing the way mindworm would virally spread to others.

Mindworm concept 1
Mindworm concept 2
Mindworm concept 3
Mindworm flat colors
Mindworm detail
Mindworm detail

Despite the cancelled publication, I had a lot of fun with the story and all the details going on in the background of the illustration. Big thanks to Alex Moore, a fantastic AD and fellow illustrator I'm happy I got to know!