5 April 2018

- Cockroach Labs

How to Optimize Garbage Collection in Go

Technical blog editorial

gc banner gc banner on cockroachlabs.com
Final banner illustration for Cockroach Labs' "How to optimize garbage collection in Go"

About the project

For the database solution CockroachDB, Cockroach Labs commissioned two illustrations for their technical blog editorial titled “How to Optimize Garbage Collection in Go”. The blog has a readership of developers and the goal was to not just make the post more appealing to dive into, but also to help the reader quickly understand the concepts explained along the way.


In these illustrations we used a metaphor of actual garbage collection to demonstrate how the team is using the language Go in inventive ways to make their garbage collection more efficient.

gc wip1
gc wip1
Concept sketches for the banner


After exploring several directions, we decided to go for a literal but subtle interpretation (i.e. not too cute or otherwise distracting) to fit with the company's developing brand identity. Besides the banner on top, I also created a spot illustration to be placed halfway through the blog post.

gc wip1
Spot illustration concept sketches
gc wip1
Final spot illustration on the blog

I had fun decyphering the post and coming up with an accessible metaphor, and got to learn a bit about garbage collection and Go in the process! The finished post can be found here, or read more about Cockroach Labs' choice for using illustrations to develop their brand identity here. Big thanks to AD Kuan Luo for the opportunity.