26 February 2017

Art & Technology

Illustrations on the relation between man and machine

One of my biggest fascinations is how continual advances in computer science and artificial intelligence are influencing the way people go about their daily lives. Humans and machines are becoming more and more intertwined, almost organically, without any central directive. To me, this is both inspiring and terrifying -- making for topic that has reappeared in my work for years.

Comfort machine

Comfort Machine

4:12 AM - "I woke up from uneasy dreams and rolled onto my side. The light from my phone and all the life inside of it felt comfortable and warm".

Wifi Magpie

Precious Bandwidth

One of the most precious and coveted things in daily life: a strong, stable, and lightning-fast internet connection.

Self-described and Self-defined

Self-described & Self-defined

Inspired by a neon tube work by Joseph Kosuth of the same title that somehow stuck with me over the years.

I wanted to do something on the concept of inventing yourself, because it's something I've been seeing so much around me. With people freelancing, starting their own businesses, or even those in fulltime employment grappling with a certain itch for self-assertion, it feels like, especially online, we're all trying to be kings and queens of our own miniature kingdoms.

But kingdoms require subjects, for example, supporters and followers of your work. So what happens when every subject is simultaneously working on their own kingdom as well? Does it make these kingdoms stratified, or does it mean the whole concept of online businesses dependent on followers (who depend on their followers, etc.) is actually a ponzi-scheme?

The 3D printer to me is a symbol for self-invention: the power to create anything, even yourself. But what is the value and significance of a crown when everyone is equally able to make their own? Will these tools make society more egalitarian, or conversely, will it magnify the need for distinction through hereditary, historic or genetic factors, i.e. through all those things that cannot be self-described and self-defined?



Simplified portrayals of virusses (left) and bacteria (right).

Heart-shaped box Robot

Modular Core

The song "Flux" by the band Bloc Party starts: "If your right hand is causing you pain, cut it off, cut it off." If advances in AI continue, I hope that the robots of the future will be able to instead upgrade the parts causing them pain.